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Osteopathic & Naturopathic Considerations for the Immune System


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Course Topics and Practical Labs

Review of Immunology and Germ Theory
Embryological Exploration of the Immune System
JM Littlejohns understanding of Bacteriology
Osteopathic considerations for Fevers
Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Lab
Vasomotion & Influenza/Pneumonia – including Bedside treatment considerations

Surgical Issues & Fascia – In Philosophy of Osteopathy, Dr Still says “I believe that more rich golden thought will appear to the mind’s eye as the study of the fascia is pursued than any division in the body. Still one part is just as great and useful as any other in its place. No part can be dispensed with. But the fascia is the ground in which all causes of death do the destruction to life.” Here we will explore the anatomical contribution of fascia as well as Dr Still’s treatment principles and protocols for dealing with congestion or obstructions found in the fascial layers.

Lymphatics – This lecture and laboratory will review and explore the anatomy, physiology, research, and clinical methods successfully used in Osteopathic practice, as it relates to the lymphatic system. Methods of lymphatic assessment and treatment will be explored with widespread clinical applications.

Two Operator Treatments -A practical exploration of the two (and more) operator techniques used by the early osteopaths. These provide strong and clear techniques that enable practitioners to deal with stubborn or impacted conditions or to combine forces of two operators to create subtle physiological interaction.

  • Extensive discussion of when and how these techniques can be employed, as well as safety implications, particularly any contra-indications.
  • Looking at the mechanical theory behind the conditions that may require this form of treatment


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