Supporting Osteopathy - Locally and Globally

Mission, Vision and Values


The Vitality of Truth Society for Osteopathic Wellness strives to Promote and Provide support to the science of Osteopathy through:

  • Providing opportunities for members of the Osteopathic Manual Practitioners to gain valuable hands-on experience
  • Endorsing Osteopathic initiatives
  • Introducing accessible Osteopathy, both locally and globally
  • Contributing to Osteopathic research and publication
  • Building public awareness for Osteopathic Manual Therapy in Ontario

Jared and Nancy at a Habitat for Humanity build


The Society for Osteopathic Wellness believes that Osteopathic Manual Therapy should be accessible to everyone, locally and globally. To realize this, we are committed to providing opportunities for Osteopathic Manual Practitioners to practice the art of Osteopathy; to making Osteopathy available for people all over the world; and to providing financial support for Osteopathic research and publication.


  • Integrity- A commitment to the highest standards of fair and ethical treatment of all patients, partners, employees and the public
  • Compassion- A commitment to caring for and helping those who seek aid
  • Respect- A commitment to equal treatment for all