Supporting Osteopathy - Locally and Globally

Community Outreach

Part of our mandate at the Society for Osteopathic Wellness is to spread the word about Osteopathy- in our community and abroad.

Last week, our volunteers stopped into the Toronto Centre for Community Learning and Development to do just that. Residents of Cabbagetown, St. James Town and Regent Park were all in attendance to find out more about osteopathic care.

As part of an “Introduction to Osteopathy,” Society volunteers spent the evening chatting with community residents about the history of Osteopathy and its founders. We shared an explanation of Osteopathic Manual Therapy and what it can treat and what differentiates the science of Osteopathy from other forms of manual therapy.

We’ll be participating in future talks around the community, so stay tuned for listings on our website.

The Society for Osteopathic Wellness is a non-profit organization focused on promoting Osteopathy in Toronto and abroad. Our Cabbagetown clinic has the largest team of Osteopathic Manual Therapists available in Toronto.